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How To Drain Water From Bobcat Doosan Fuel Filter Tier 4 Engine

An important and simple step in performing maintenance on your Bobcat Doosan machine is draining any water build-up from your fuel separator. A dirty and water filled fuel filter will not only affect your engine’s performance, but it can lead to permanent damage done to your fuel system components which can lead to a new array of headaches and added costs. This is a quick and fairly easy step in your maintenance process. We recommend draining the water every week. 

Overview of How a Fuel Filter Works

Before covering the simple steps involved in draining your fuel filter’s water, let’s briefly go over how this filtration system separates and captures water from entering your engine. The top of the fuel filter has a proprietary paper material designed by Bobcat. When fuel and water enters and flows through that fuel filter before reaching your fuel system components, the filter is designed to push the water to the bottom of its filter where it stays until it is emptied. 

Step by Step Guide

In this guide we cover how to drain water from your fuel filter fuel separator in a tier 4 engine. The steps in this guide will also vary depending on which Bobcat series you have.  

Step 1: Make sure your engine is turned off. 

Step 2: Locate Fuel Filter and Fuel Knob

Locate your fuel filter inside of your Bobcat’s rear compartment. Your fuel filter will have a white or tan fuel knob. One type of fuel filter requires you to estimate when it is time to drain the water, whereas the other type of fuel filter allows you to visually see whether the drain valve is full and needs to be drained. 

Step 3: Unscrew and Drain

Regardless of which fuel filter you have unscrew the fuel knob and allow all of the water to drain. 

Step 4: Screw Back and You’re Done!  

Once the water has been fully drained from the fuel filter, screw the fuel knob back and properly close your vehicle’s rear compartment. 

The fuel filter that has a built-in separator bowl and drain valve comes in handy to accurately know when it’s time to drain your filter. Regardless, because this is such a quick and simple step for maintenance, we recommend draining your fuel filter at the end of every week. In another guide on when it’s time to replace your fuel filter, we mention that we recommended changing the fuel filter every 12 months or every 500 hours. 

There you have! We hope this guide was quick and easy. If you’re in the market for new parts for your Bobcat or Kubota, check out our catalog. We also carry the complete fuel system kits and are constantly adding new parts to our inventory.