Signs Your Fuel Filter in the Doosan Bobcat Engine Needs to Be Replaced
Fuel Filter

Signs Your Fuel Filter in the Doosan Bobcat Engine Needs to Be Replaced

The majority of issues that the Bobcat Doosan engine and the Delphi fuel systems have are usually due to our own lack of maintenance or a coding error. We have also seen many issues arise due to the use of low quality fuel filters often purchased outside of the Bobcat website. Using a dirty and poor fuel filter can cause unnecessary pressure on your pump and lead to premature failure. It can also cause a clogged or leaky injector. 

Good quality fuel filters use a synthetic fleet guard material and are designed to collect dirt, rust, and other contaminants from getting to the fuel pump, fuel injectors and engine. These fuel filters are assessed in terms of microns.  

Cheap fuel filters may let all of the fuel contaminants bypass the filter which go into your system and cause blockages that could damage your fuel system and engine. We see something so simple end up costing people thousands in further repairs. 

Now, before we run the risk of a bad fuel filter damaging our entire system, let’s go over some common methods to determine if it’s time to replace the filter. 

Shaky Engine 

If your fuel filter is bad, you may notice your engine start to randomly sputter or shake at different speeds and potentially even shut off. Driving up an incline could further exacerbate this issue as your engine turns to extra fuel source when accelerating. 

Slow Start

A bad fuel filter may result in a longer wait time and more cranking before the engine actually starts. 


An engine stalling could be a sign of a dirty fuel filter. The longer your engine goes on with a dirty fuel filter, the more frequent the stalling occurs. 

Engine Misfire

If your engine misfires, it could be pointed back to the fuel filter. When an engine misfires the check engine light may also come on. 

Closing Remarks

Regardless of whether your Bobcat is experiencing any of these issues or not, you should look to replace your fuel filter every 12 months or 500 hours

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