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How to Remove Bobcat Injectors — Fuel Injector 101

We have talked a lot about diesel fuel injectors in some of our other blogs, but today we are going to go over how to remove a diesel fuel injector from a Doosan Bobcat engine

There may be several reasons why you might need to remove an injector. Perhaps you are looking at doing some maintenance work on your parts in which you should also review this guide on how to clean your injector at home. Or you may be experiencing some issues with your machine and need to test your injectors to determine if they are faulty. 

We work with a lot of Doosan's D18, D24 and D34 engines which are commonly used to power skid steer loaders, excavators, track loaders, tow compressors and toolcats. This process looks fairly similar for each fuel system so let's get started. If you do have any questions about anything related to removing an injector or about our parts, you can also contact us at 

Before you get started, please allow your engine to sit for an hour or so to cool off in the case that you were previously using it. We also recommend using protective gloves and eyewear to prevent fuel leakage. 

What You’ll Need: 

  • Cloth or towel

  • Protective eyewear and gloves

  • 8 millimeter socket wrench

  • 6 millimeter hex allen head


#1 Remove Airbox and Rubber Caps

You will need to start by removing the airbox to get access to the injectors. The injectors also have a rubber cap over it. You will need to remove each rubber cap. 

#2 Clean Dirt 

Before you get into removing any other parts, grab a cloth or a towel and clean off any dirt, dust and particles that could potentially fall into your engine. 

#3 Pull Off PCV Tube 

Next, you will need to get access to the injector hold down bolt. To do that you will need to pull off the PCV tube. Unlike other fuel systems, Delphi and Bobcat dealers recommend folks not to remove every fuel line in order to prevent potential contamination or damage to all of the fuel lines. These fuel lines are bolted down pretty firmly and it can be easy to damage a fuel line or not properly seal it back. The goal here is to remove ONLY the fuel line that is attached to the injector that you absolutely need to remove. 

how to pull off pcv tube of injector for bobcat

#4 Remove Top Cover

Next, you will need to pull off the top cover that sits underneath the fuel lines. Make sure to remove the cover before removing the injection fuel lines. Start by grabbing an 8 millimeter socket wrench and remove each screw placed around the cover. There are about 10 screws that go around the cover. Each will need to be removed. Once all screws are off, remove the cover. 

#5 Unscrew and Remove the Fuel Line

Once the cover is removed you now have access to the injectors hold down assembly. Now go ahead and remove the fuel line on the injector that you need to replace by unscrewing both caps on each end of the fuel line. 

how to unscrew and remove the fuel line for your bobcat

#6 Remove Hold Down Clamp

Next, grab a 6 millimeter hex allen head (make sure the bottom of the allen head is not rounded off since the bolts are incredibly tight). Refer back to the injector hold down clamp. You will need to remove the hold down clamp and the bolt. Carefully ensure that the hex allen head is fully seated in the nut of the bolt. First, you will need to loosen the bolt. Once loosened, remove the bolt and place it to the side. Next, remove the hold down. You might have to further loosen it up by moving the injector to remove the hold down bolt. 

remove the hold down clamp

#7 Remove Safety Lock and Unplug Injector

Now that the hold down clamp is removed you can detach the injectors safety lock and unplug the injector. You may have to loosen the injector with help from a wrench. 

removing safety lock for injector bobcat doosan

#8 Check for O-Ring

Once your injector is removed, be sure to check that the o-ring attached to the injector also came out. When removing injectors, the o-rings can sometimes get stuck in the rail. Regardless of whether you are cleaning or replacing the injector, we recommended using a new o-ring seal, just make sure you put lubricant when placing a new o-ring. 

And that’s it! Whether you need to clean the injector, take it to a dealer, or replace it, it’s a fairly simple process to remove a fuel injector from a Doosan Bobcat engine. Please remember that unless you need to take out all 4 of the injectors, we recommend only removing the ones necessary to prevent damaging fuel lines. 

We sell a wide range of parts including the entire fuel system kits for the D24, D34 and D18 engines. Purchase your parts from us today or reach out if you have any questions.