article guide on how to safely and properly store diesel fuel for your bobcat doosan tier 4 engines
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How To Safely Store Diesel Fuel For Bobcat Doosan Tier 4 Engines

Are you looking to store diesel fuel ahead of the winter season for your Bobcat Doosan Tier 4? Do you find it convenient to keep diesel fuel stored year-round? If you’re wondering how to store diesel fuel safely, you’re going to want to read this guide to know how to properly store your diesel fuel to keep it from contaminating or going bad. This guide will cover some absolute musts when it comes to storing diesel fuel and some additional pro tips. By the end you’ll be able to put together a smart storage system to keep your fuel clean and long-lasting.

Features To Have In Your Fuel Store Tank

  • Purchase a brand new storage tank 
  • 1 micron desiccant style vent breather to provide proper ventilation and help keep contaminants out, including water
  • A dispensing filter rated to 10 microns or less

Must-Do Tips 

  • Start off with a clean storage tank dedicated for diesel fuel storage, and one that includes a vent filter. Do not use a tank that is damaged, dirty or has signs of holes. 
  • Store your fuel tank inside a safe location to prevent exposure to temperature changes that can cause condensation (70 degrees Fahrenheit or below). Any condensation that gets into your fuel can lead to water contamination. Keeping water out of the tank will be the most important thing you do to maintain clean fuel and prolong the life of your parts. Water contamination can and will lead to corrosion and damaged parts. If you focus on anything from this article, be sure to prioritize this. 
  • Use a fuel stability treatment such as an algaecide fuel stabilizer to expand its lifespan. 
  • Change your fuel tank filter at least twice a year. 
  • If your vent filter has a bypass, change the filter prior to filling your system components to prevent any unfiltered fuel from bypassing your machine. 
  • If you live in an area that experiences cold winter conditions, make sure to use a winter blend of #1 and #2 diesel. If you use biodiesel, empty the tank before winter hits because biodiesel is more likely to freeze than regular diesel. 
  • Fuel collected during the maintenance process should be properly captured, stored, and disposed of through appropriate channels. 
  • When refilling your tank, make sure the surrounding area is clean of any dirt, dust or debris that can fall in. 

Extra Pro Tips

  • As stated above, changing your fuel filter at least twice a year or even quarterly can be most suitable. 
  • Keep your diesel tank full to limit airspace and condensation from entering the tank such as water.
  • Periodically collect and test your fuel to measure its cleanliness, water percentage and cloud point. You can visit a Bobcat dealer for a fuel analysis kit. 
  • Keep a maintenance record on your tank that tracks it’s maintenance history, refill and supplier history, filter replacements and particle count from fuel tests.
  • Different states have different regulations and recommendations for storing fuel, so we recommend checking out how those compare to these guidelines. 

Storage Life of Diesel Fuel

Another very important thing to consider is how long diesel fuel lasts for. Naturally, and over time fuel that just sits will degrade and will no longer be able to power your equipment. This answer will also depend on how well you protect your fuel from contaminants but on average, diesel fuel will last between six to twelve months (closer to twelve months is typical) without a stabilizer. After treating your diesel fuel with a fuel stabilizer, you can look at extending the life of diesel fuel beyond five years. By using a fuel stabilizer you essentially create a hostile environment that prohibits algae from entering and growing inside. Although treating your fuel with a stabilizer should not be the only thing you do to keep your fuel good, this is definitely a must. 

We hope you find this guide useful. Remember to check out what your local government recommends in terms of storing diesel fuel. If you’re looking for new parts for your Bobcat Doosan engine, check out our growing catalog of fuel injectors, fuel pumps, common rail, fuel system kits, crankshafts, engine blocks, diesel engines and more.